Lithium UPS Systems

Lithium batteries offer significant improvements over the ubiquitous lead acid blocks. The new KR-RM-LI range of UPS have replaced the lead acids with Lithium, reducing the whole life cost of your UPS investment.

Longer Life

Lithium Ion batteries last 3x longer than standard lead acid VRLA, eliminating the need for battery change during the lifetime of the UPS.

A typical lead acid block has less than 300 charge / discharge cycles before the capacity is severely affected, and a typical service life of 3 years. Lithium Ion have over 1000 cycles and a typical service life of 8 years.

Smaller & Lightweight

The high power density of Li Ion provides more battery capacity in a smaller size and lighter weight than lead acids. Each of our 1,2 and 3KVA models produce 11  minutes runtime at full load, in a 2U package. This is unheard of with lead acids without resorting to additional cabinets, occupying valuable real estate with additional weight.

Higher Operating Temperature

Whereas lead acid life is dramatically reduced with higher operating temperatures, Lithium is not affected. The KR-RM-LI can operate at full load up to 40°C, and up to 60°C at reduced loads. The lifetime of the battery is not affected. This means no specialised cooling or ventilation is required for the unit, reducing installation and running costs.

Lower Lifetime Costs

Currently Lithium technology is more expensive than lead acid, so the upfront cost of purchasing the KR-RM-LI is higher than the standard lead acid unit. However, once the life of the system is taken into account, along with the industry leading warranty, the whole life cost is typically less than a lead acid alternative.

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