KR2000-RM-LI Discharge Test

Discharge Time

The KR2000-RM-LI was tested on a resistive loadbank, the % load obtained from the UPS LCD. The unit was allowed to charge overnight after each discharge test. The test was stopped when the low battery alarm sounded – not when the unit would switch off for low battery. A runtime calculation was derived as follows:

Runtime = Ah · 0.9 · 60 minutes


Ah, is battery capacity in Ampere-Hours &

I = Load in Watts ÷ Battery Voltage 
In this case the battery was 9.9Ah and 48V nominal.

KR2000 Lithium Battery Discharge Graph

The battery voltage (As displayed on the LCD) was recorded each minute. Note except at low discharges the battery voltage in fact rose during discharge. Once the battery came toward 100% DOD, the voltage fell away quite quickly. Note that the time between low battery alarm and the unit switching off (at 100% load) was only a matter of seconds. This may be a problem where you use the Low Battery Alarm as the trigger for shutting down an attached computer. It was also noted the “Remaining Time” indicator on UPSILON was inaccurate (as expected).

KR2000 LI-Volts v Time Discharge Curves